An action, a project should emphasise the inherent values discovered, reading, selecting and stressing the legacy of time and history.

In the project of restoration of the Palácio Condes de Murça, the context is the noble and historic centre of Lisbon, close to the River Tagus, a place of urban continuity, dense and punctuated by notable buildings; Palaces, Convents and Churches. The monumental building has the sobriety of our history and it is in its continuity where the Project has its place.

The restoration of the Palace takes account of the tectonic ‘weight’ of the walls, of its stone, its precision and scale, introducing another temporal level, with freedom and the values of our times.

The new building can be seen as the limit of the Garden, a ‘Inhabited Wall’, transparent over the new patio, the restored Palace and the city. A wall which houses the functions of living, complemented by exterior spaces which extend and enhance the experience.
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